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Best Choice for collectibles

We design manufacture,and sell unique display stands. That not only showcase diecast collections but elevate them with integrated lighting, fog, and premium materials


The Highest quality materials

For the love of art and precision. We believe every diecast model car deserves a stage that mirrors its intricacy and beauty, enhancing the collector's experience.


Frequently asked questions

We use top quality acrylic sheets in all our products. The outer casing, which is prepared flawlessly using the laser cutting method, is meticulously assembled and presented to you.

Transparent covers are produced from 3mm transparent acrylic sheet. Both surfaces of the transparent cover sheets, which are sent to you disassembled, are covered with a protective film to protect against scratching.

We recommend that you use a colorless, high-density fog liquid that does not harm your health when inhaled. When the fog effect wears off, you can continue the show by adding fog liquid to the product. Carefully follow the fog fluid adding instructions in the user manual.

First, scan the QR code included in the package to download the product's application. After installing the application, all you have to do is open Bluetooth permissions and enter the application. The guide containing the QR code explains what you need to do step by step.

In order for the product to be delivered undamaged, only the transparent cover is sent disassembled. You can access the installation video of the transparent cover from the link in the user manual. Lighting poles are also disassembled in ShowCase and Mini ShowCase. In addition, DynoCase chains are included in the package for you to install on your model vehicle. The installation kit includes bolts, fasteners, allen key, cleaning cloth and latex gloves, which are standard in all our products. Our products work smoothly on all electrical lines between 100-240 V, you will not need an external converter. Apart from these, you can get support for any problems you may encounter by sending an e-mail to

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  • Since it is forbidden to send liquids abroad due to customs regulations, you need to obtain the high density fog liquid from your location. Guidance on the subject is available in the user manual. (for DynoCase and ShowCase)

  • Taxes are included on all our products, customs duties are not included, free express shipping is available worldwide.

  • The collection items we use for promoting our display cases are not included in any of our products.


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