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What is The

DynoCase ?

Attention car racing enthusiasts!

We've got you covered and have developed a Dyno specifically for you to measure the performance of your model cars!

With DynoCase designed for 1:18 scale cars, you can showcase the power of your car using adjustable speed rollers, or even create a smoke effect as if the tires are burning!

This unique product is a device that can be remotely controlled and supported by RGB LEDs, accessible exclusively through Casetronic.


Detailed specification

The body of the product is made from high quality glossy acrylic.
The cover of the product is made from high quality 3mm acrylic.
Bluetooth connectivity or RF control options
Bluetooth Control or Physical Buttons Control
AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
For 1/18 (L:41 W:21 H:21) *all dimensions are in cm
Display Case, Disassembled Transparent Cover, Dyno Chains, 50 cc Fog Fluid, Injector, User Manual, Power Cable, Latex gloves, Cleaning cloth, Allen key, Fittings and Bolts


Bluetooth Control RGB

Connect to Display Case via Bluetooth from your smart phone and control the animations, brightness, colours of the lights.

Adjustable Dyno Speed

Adjustable Dyno Speed

Unleash the power of your model car with powerful dyno wheels that can be adjusted between 0 - 1000 rpm.

Amazing Fog Effect

Amazing Fog Effect

You won't believe what your model car can do. Create a smoke effect as if the tires are burning!

Evacuate Fog Quickly

Evacuate Fog Quickly

You may need to release the fog effect to see your model car again. Fortunately, you have control of our powerful exhaust fan at your fingertips.


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